I LOOOOOVE THIS HAIR OIL!!!! I’ve tried others in the past and none makes my scalp feels as good as this one. I have had my sew-in for about 2 months and usually I’m scratching my head like crazy but I literally have not scratched my head since using this oil!!! Definitely will be buying more soon!!!!


I use this oil on my hair and my 5 year old's hair. She has a very dry scalp and nothing seemed to help. After a week of use I was sold! Her scalp was no longer dry and taking her braids down was so easy because the hair was so soft and moisturized. Thank you for such a great product! Looking forward to what's next!


To all my thick women who thighs rub and chafe alot, this butter is the holy grail. I put it between my thighs last night and from 8:30p - 2a the moisture was still there and I was walking ALOT. I recommend it, its thick, long lasting and keeps the webs inbetween my fingers moisturized with only one application (I usually need two)


This moisturizer give only nice moisture. It is not greasy, heavy or oily. It doesn't tranfer to clothes, shoes or anything touched after applying. A little goes a long way! Nice long lasting product even stays on hands after washing.


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